Bacula has been supplying the centralized backup and data recovery needs of institutions for over fifteen years, supporting several storage devices including tape backup units. It’s also preferred for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers’ backups.

Bacula Yedekleme Sistemi

FeaturesBacula Yedekleme Sistemi

  • Full and incremental backup
  • Parallel backups
  • Prioritizing backups
  • Determining custom backup retention periods
  • Restoring backups from any specific time & date
  • Checking backup integrity
  • Providing clients for Linux, Windows and all UNIX machines
  • Advanced support for storage tools such as tapes, DVDs and autochangers
  • Command-line, graphical and web interfaces
  • Modular and scalable platform
  • Encrypting backups
  • Storage service replication

As Ozgur Yazilim Inc.,

  • We are a Bacula partner, providing our customers with the ability to use this secure and reliable backup service by virtue of our installation and configuration services.
  • With our management, support and maintenance services, we aim to offer our customers a business-focused climate without any concern for the reliability of their Bacula servers and backups.