Redis is a data structure service. Used as a database, caching layer and message queue (MQ), Redis is preferred as a performance solution by many software projects especially for its high-speed. Having been developed since 2009, Redis is the most favored key-value database around the world [1].



  • Works totally in-memory
  • Providing data permanence in requested intervals (writing on disc)
  • A design without schema
  • Storing and processing the data like string, hash, list, bitmap series, geographical indexes and so on
  • Automatic reduction of rarely used data
  • Ability to estimate a lifecycle for data
  • Scalability by data fragmentation, replication and high accessibility
  • Automatic failover

As Ozgur Yazilim Inc.,

  • We provide our customers with the ability to use a scalable service like Redis in their projects by virtue of our installation, configuration, optimization and Redis software consultancy services.
  • With our management, support and maintenance services, we aim to offer our customers a business-focused climate without any concern for the sustainability and efficiency of their Redis servers.
  • We also provide integration solutions for monitoring and alert systems.

[1] Cited from the monthly surveys of (March 2016)