MySQL is a database service designed focusing on development and web applications. It’s the most preferred database solution just after Oracle DB all around the world [1].

MySQL Veritabanı Sunucusu


MySQL Veritabanı Sunucusu

  • ANSI SQL 99 and its extensions
  • Database programming in any language and environment required (Java, Python, .NET, PHP, C and so on)
  • ACID compatibility
  • Different storage engines
  • Query cache
  • Updatable views
  • Trigger
  • Cursor
  • Stored procedure
  • SSL support
  • Full text indexing and search
  • Table partitioning
  • Replication and high availability

As Ozgur Yazilim Inc.,

  • We provide our customers with the ability to use a scalable database system like MySQL in their projects by virtue of our installation, configuration, optimization, training and MySQL software consultancy services.
  • With our management, support and maintenance services, we aim to offer our customers a business-focused climate without any concern for the sustainability and efficiency of their MySQL servers.
  • We also provide integration solutions for monitoring and alert systems.

[1] Cited from the monthly surveys of (March 2016)