Developed by Red Hat Inc. since 1993, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is used by CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux just by replacing the logos. The distributions are the number one choices of enterprises for their Linux server systems with ten years of security update support guarantee, certifications and widespread support network.

Red Hat EL, CentOS, Oracle EL


Red Hat EL, CentOS, Oracle EL

  • 10 years of security update guarantee for each version (extensible via subsidiary agreements)
  • User-friendly, clear and detailed documentation
  • Over 10 different levels of certificates via a certificate program
  • Directly involved in the basic Linux distribution components’ development such as Linux kernel, GCC, Glibc
  • Checked several server hardware compatibility
  • Installation packages provided by the producers for many additional softwares
  • Various partners providing on-site and commercial support in Turkey

As Ozgur Yazilim Inc.,

  • We are a Red Hat partner, providing our customers with the ability to use this secured and reliable operating system like Red Hat in their projects by virtue of our Red Hat/ CentOS/Oracle Linux installation, configuration, optimization, training and security consolidation services.
  • With our management, support and maintenance services, we aim to offer our customers a business-focused climate without any concern for the efficiency and sustainability of their Red Hat/CentOS/Oracle Linux servers.
  • We also offer check-up service for Red Hat/CentOS/Oracle Linux servers as well as identifying the issues on operating servers and applying our solutions if required.