Linux Server Check-Up Service

Besides having the target requirements to function properly, one of the most important features of a server is being sustainable.

Servers might easily get to different points over years through the intervention of different individuals.

With our server check up reports, we analyze your servers in terms of technology and the process management required for sustainability. As a result of this analysis, we offer a report consisting of our findings and (if any) change proposals graded in order of priorities.

Identify your servers to be checked.

We organize an appointment.

We report the status of your servers.

The headings inspected during a server check-up:

  • Configuration in accordance with the standards
  • Configuration fitting for the purpose
  • Effective use of sources
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Instant issues
  • Long and short term risks

The information included in the report:

  • Administrator summary
  • Findings, criticality levels, risks and offers
  • Recommended to-do list
  • A list of scripts run by the servers

After the reporting process, at your discretion,

We jointly solve the reported issues.

We provide permanence for your systems.