Software Check-up Service

The most important concept after its target features for defining a software’s quality is the sustainability level it holds.

With our software check-up report, we examine your software’s existing codes in terms of the technology used for development and the process management required for sustainability. As a result of this analysis, we offer a report consisting of our findings and (if any) change proposals graded in order of priorities.

Identify your software to be checked.

We organize an appointment.

We report the status of your software.

The headings inspected during a software check-up:

  • Software development processes
    • Documentation processes
    • Version control systems (VCS) processes
    • Bug/issue tracking system processes
    • Regular build processes
    • Software testing scope and processes
    • Version policies and processes
  • Software technologies and architecture
    • Programming languages and libraries
    • Database systems
    • Application servers
    • Provided and used services
  • Static Code Analysis
    • Adherence to the spelling rules of the programming language used
    • Software complexity
    • Code Documentation
    • Readability of code
    • Dependency management
  • Licensing models
  • Performance criteria

The information included in the report:

  • Administrator summary
  • The assessment of the source code and development process statuses
  • Findings, criticality levels, risks and offers
  • Recommended to-do list

After the reporting process, at your discretion,

We jointly solve the reported issues.