Nowadays various special interest areas emerge as a result of the specialization within IT sector: Hardware, network, system, software, security and so forth.

The enterprises prefer to team up with the individuals and companies which are experts in their fields in order to receive the best service. Although the demand of expertise and departmentalization increases the service quality, it also complicates the process of finding the best practices in case of several specialized knowledge areas involved in.
together with DevOps, SecOps and many more of the same, new areas try to produce solutions to this problem by merging multiple specialities.

As Ozgur Yazilim Inc., we have the know-how to work with the applications and systems that we didn’t develop by virtue of our professional experience with free software products [1] [2]. We feel comfortable around different programming languages and technologies. We provide our consultancy service in an integrative environment with our partners by evaluating the issues jointly and focusing on the best and the most efficient solutions for the company. We even handle the hardest issues to be diagnosed and offer solutions for them. We facilitate the resolution process for the companies by reporting our analysis for different solutions